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Traditional Directory Search
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Completing a Professional Registration
What's Behind An Address-Range Search
What's Behind An Address-Range Search
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How To Purchase Credits
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Viewing, E-mailing, and Printing Saved Results
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How To Change Your Password
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What's In Your TQ Profile

Search Secrets: Strategies and Tactics

Successful searches almost always involve the "narrowing down" or "surrounding" of a result.  That is, you start with a general search and choose from the specific results.  It's like buying fruit.  You start with a bin of apples (a general search).   Then, you choose only the ones that look and feel right.

If you already have some information on your subject, resist the urge to enter it all into TeleQuery Search.  It's better to start with Last Name, City, and State.  If you don't have the City information, enter the Last Name, the first few letters of the first name, and the State.   This may yield a large list, but it will include your subject's listed information, and any non-published listings (if you're authorized to view this data).  Remember, you only pay "per page of up to 20 listings".  And, if nothing is found, you pay nothing at all.

Under our agreements with The Telephone Company, the maximum number of returned listings allowed per search is 500.

Common Search Mistakes

Address: 3900 3925 nw 29th
City: oklahoma city
State: OK
-- dash in the address-range is missing, and "29th" should be just "29"

Address: 5200-5400
City: dothan
State: AL
-- street missing

Last Name: McCain
First Name: Jo3hn
State: CA
-- unexpected characters in a field

Last Name: Peter Simonizer
State: AZ
-- only last name in Last Name field

Last Name: russell l jones
City: Chicago
Type: B
-- state missing

Phone: 9706189935
Last Name: walpole
City: rockham
-- when phone is entered, all other fields are ignored

Phone: 98472988765
-- phone number too long (or too short)

Batch Searches

Batch Searches of queries may be submitted using a plain text file.
Each query must be on a line by itself.  The first line in the batch file must be a comma-delimited list of the field names for the records in the file.  Each line may be a comma-delimited set of up to 12 fields:


So, for example:

Blaksley,Kansas City,MO

Bruger,Marjorie,New Brunswick,NJ

More Examples:


3355 blackburn,Dallas,TX



Minimum Search Requirements:

Nationwide Name Search: Last Name or Business Name
Statewide Name Search: Last Name or Business Name+State
Local Name Search: Last Name or Business Name+City+State
Address Search: Address+City+State
Address-range Search: Address-range+City+State
Reverse Phone Search: Phone Number

Not all fields need to be specified, so it is permissible to list just phone numbers one per line, with no field delimiters.

Some Other Things You Ought To Know:

No listings found...

If you get a "No listings found..." message for a Neighborhood (address-range) Search, or any other search, for that matter, it simply means there are no listed telephone numbers found for the search you tried, or the format of the search was incorrect.

For example, if you enter 123 Anypath St Apt 12 Anytown NY for the address, the Telephone Company ignores apartment numbers and street types: "St", "Ave", "Rd", "Ct", "Pkwy", etc.  Try just 123 Anypath Anytown NY or Anypath (by itself) Anytown NY.  The last suggestion returns many more listings.  But, you can " surround" the target easily, by calling upon the neighbors to help you locate him.

Another Twist:

As you know, many times the house number is falsified (or the result of a "typo").  So, try a house number range (100-1200), or no number at all -- just the street name.