Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to give a credit card to open an account?

Yes.  And, you can keep your credit or debit card information up to date securely via "My TQ Profile", once you log into your account.

Q: What does it actually cost?

There's a small monthly fee of $2.99 for all regular accounts.  TeleQuery Search only costs 50¢ per page of answers.  Each search can result in up to 20 listings per page.  So, that's about 2.5¢ each. 

Q: Who should use TeleQuery Search?

In general, anyone who needs the real listed name, address, and telephone number information from the telephone company -- right now!

Every individual person with a land-line or cell phone, and

Construction Companies         Corporate Directory Assistance
Trucking Companies             Collection Agencies
Taxi and Limousine Services    Emergency Contact Providers
Shipping Companies             Social Services
Credit Extenders               Groups and Organizations
Charities                      Realtors
Landscaping                    Retailers
Satellite and Cable TV         Security and Protection
Hospitals and Clinics          Investigators
Emergency Services             Process Servers
Attorneys                      Law Enforcement
Elected Officials              Schools
Radio and Television           Courier Services
Auto Dealerships               Subscription Services


Q: I just changed my number, and it wasn't found by TeleQuery Search.

After the 1984 AT&T break-up, Bell's central administration for name, address, and number information was dispersed.  So, your local phone company's records may not have reached all of the other companies yet.  Normally, the process completes in about 72 business hours.  That's when it becomes available to your local Directory Assistance operators and, of course, TeleQuery Search.

How Can Licensed Users Get More Information From Your Service Than 411?

  • Even for listings where the Operator tells you the number is non-published, you still get the address.
  • Where you don't know in what city the person has a non-published number, you can still get the full address.
  • Even if you don't know the city or state for a rare name, TeleQuery automatically performs a nationwide search.
  • Ability to get a printout of the listings (PDF).
  • Ability to e-mail listings.
  • TeleQuery remembers all of your searches.
  • Instead of receiving one or two listings costing as much as $2.00, the exact same information as that provided by a real telephone company directory assistance operator, costs only $0.50 PER PAGE (for up to 20 listings per page). And, unlike 411, you are not charged if no listings are found!
  • No need to speak with an Operator, who may prevent you from getting certain information.
  • In major cities, TeleQuery's "MAP IT" feature puts you right in front of the listing's address (Google Street View).
  • Ability to do batch searches (coming soon).
  • Ability to do batch ZIP code searches (max. 25 pages - and, you can cancel batch at any point).
  • No need to know if number is residential or business when performing batch, address-range, and wildcard searches.
  • Even if multiple pages are available, you only pay for pages you view ($0.50 per page - max. 25 pages offered).

How can I use TeleQuery Search to find someone?

  • Reverse phone lookup US or Canada: you enter a phone number. If it's listed in The Telephone Company's directory, or in TeleQuery's proprietary directory, you get the name and address details (whether residential or business).
  • Enter a subject's name, city, state, or wildcard: TeleQuery returns all matching listings.
  • For common names, just provide more information: first name and/or street name and/or city and/or state.

How Do I Perform A Wildcard Address Search?

A wildcard is a single character, used to represent one or more letters in a search. There are two kinds of Address Searches involving wildcards.

  1. For an address search, use the "-" (hyphen) to perform a wildcard search. These types of searches are also called "neighborhood searches" or "address-range searches".
  2. You may also perform a "street-only" search, which requires no special character; just the street name.

In case (1.) above, the address-range search is performed by entering a range of building numbers on a street, in a city, in a state. For example, "2000-4000 Elvis Presley [Blvd], Memphis, TN" (Street Types: "Blvd", "Rd", "Ave", etc., are ignored). This search will return all of the listings, both residential and business, published and those with non-published telephone numbers. Non-published telephone numbers are never returned.

In case (2.) above, simply by entering a street name, city, and state, this search will also return all of the listings, both residential and business (up to 25 pages of listings), published and those with non-published telephone numbers. Non-published telephone numbers are never returned.

How Do I Perform A Wildcard Telephone Search?

TeleQuery telephone searches use the "." (period) as a wildcard. When you have the first eight digits of a 10-digit telephone number (you're missing the last two), you may use two periods to take the place of the two missing digits. So, if you only have 21452696??, you place two periods ".." at the end. You'll receive the listings for every number between 214-526-9600 and 214-526-9699. Similarly, if you only have nine of the 10 digits, a single period placed at the end will return all of the listings between 214-526-9690 and 214-526-9699.

How Do I Perform A Wildcard Search For a Business Name?

The period (".") may also be used in searches for business names.

In the more common case, a "." is placed at the end of a word being searched. For example, "SHINE." will return "Shine and Shrink Dry Cleaning", "Shiner Beer", "Shinequa Nail Salon", etc.

In the less common case, you may place the "." before AND after the word to be searched. For example, by entering ".pizza.", all business listings with the five letters "PIZZA" in the name will be returned: "Pizzaola Plumbing", "Pizza Hut", "Pizzanni Opticians ", "Spizzanni Construction", "Prepizzano Law Firm", etc., will all be returned.

How Do I Minimize My Search Costs?

Because time is so costly these days, the best way to minimize search costs is to use a strategy called "Cutting to the Page". What we mean by this is, perform a search that returns the listing you're looking for as one of several listings on a page of up to 20 listings (remember, an entire page of listings still costs only $0.50). Then, all you have to do is look through the page, and pick out the best-looking listing.

Last Name (if uncommon) and State is the combination guaranteed to find your listing (it's listed). If the Last Name is common, add the First Name to your search -- but, only if you know it's the actual name used. The phone might be listed in the spouse's name, or the first name might be listed only as an initial. The first name might also be a given name, instead of a nickname (or vice versa). Middle initials are usually NOT listed, and can return incorrect results. Single/divorced women frequently use only their first initial and last name (maiden or married). Our bottom-line advice is, "Don't waste valuable time trying to search a specific name. Start with a general search. Then, if necessary, add more specifics."

How Do I Keep Track Of My Account Balance?

TeleQuery keeps track of and displays your remaining available credits in real time. Credits expire in 90 days.

How much to sign-up?

The minimum credit purchase amount is $20.00 (80 credits at $0.25 each)

Are There Any Monthly Recurring Fees?

There is a $2.99 monthly fee (account maintenance).