About TeleQuery.Net, Inc.

Since 1984, the owners of TeleQuery.Net, Inc., have been providing political and commercial clients with highly-specialized telecommunication products and services designed to rapidly communicate important information by telephone, the Internet, mobile billboards, and radio.

In 1998, we launched TeleQuery Search.  We have never deviated from our goal of providing the most accurate telephone number, name, and address information to those who need it -- no matter where they are in the world.  Through a single interface, we have given our customers an innovative set of tools, methods, and techniques which enable them to zero in from a nationwide view, all the way down to every listing in a specific building.  All of this is accurate to the open of business every day.  It is a vastly superior way to search. And, it's just 50¢.

Also, many of our clients pay us to list their businesses in tens, hundreds, and even tens of thousands of cities, so they can take advantage of the millions and millions of consumers and other businesses who use authentic 411 services; like from their cell phones, land lines, and the few VoIP services now including "free 411" as part of their bundled offering. We charge just $1.00 per listing per month (our minimum charge of $25.00 per month provides 20 listings for your Business Name, Address, City, State, and ZIP code.) Larger volumes of listings may qualify for lower per-listing pricing.

TeleQuery's nationwide, toll-free, voice mail products have been approved for billing on the residential and business customer telephone bills of AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, and Sprint (Embarq).

Our toll-free trap lines remain the gold standard for incoming caller identification.  Callers cannot block Caller ID when calling one of our trap lines.

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Call 1-800-906-2048 from 9am-9pm CST for customer service.